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Accusations of sexual misconduct are never to be taken lightly — not only for the significant penalties that result from a conviction, but also for the long-term stigma that arises when an individual is associated with a sex-related crime.

The attorneys at Sheppard Law Firm, P.C., possess the credentials, experience and tenacity to challenge the most serious claims that the government brings against individuals in Chicago. Managing partner Barry D. Sheppard has acquired four decades of accomplished criminal defense experience in Illinois, developing true defense instincts to position the firm's clients for the best possible outcome to their cases, regardless of the nature of the charges against them.

Sheppard Law Firm, P.C., is at the forefront of how social media and other technologies are changing criminal prosecutions and, as a result, the practice of criminal defense. The firm's attorneys have extensive experience working with evidence such as cell site location data, text message searches, instant messages and social media communications in addition to more traditional forms of evidence, such as DNA.

Skilled Sexual Assault Defense Attorneys

The firm handles criminal defense of the following charges for individuals in Chicago and surrounding cities:

With Sheppard Law Firm, P.C., clients can expect a comprehensive defense strategy focused on a positive outcome but unwilling to sacrifice simply for the most expedient result. The firm's attorneys handle cases at both the trial and appellate levels, meaning that clients can have a stalwart legal ally at every stage of their case.

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Recent Sex Offense Case Results

PEOPLE V. X (2016) (Skokie): Class X sex offense charges involving solicitation of a child prostitute through Craiglist amended on the eve of trial: defendant received probation and avoided the lifetime sex offender registration requirement.

PEOPLE V. X (2016) (Rolling Meadows): Class X aggravated criminal sexual assault charges dismissed, defendant receives probation on an amended aggravated assault charge whereby he avoids the lifetime sex offender registration requirement.

This case involved an allegation by a 15-year-old that a 22-year-old defendant had met her on Facebook, furnished her with alcohol, and forced her to have sex. The matter was set for trial. Sheppard Law Firm's investigator located a witness who was prepared to contradict the complainant's allegation. On the day of trial, the State agreed to dismiss the non-probationable charges and amend the remaining charge to a lower class felony whereby the defendant received probation (with no jail time). The amendment of the charges also allowed the defendant to avoid the lifetime sex offender registration requirement.

PEOPLE V. D........ (2015) (Skokie): Teacher's aide charged with criminal sexual assault of special needs student was facing non-probationable charges. After Sheppard Law Firm, P.C. conducted a competency hearing of the complainant and submitted an extensive mitigation packet to the state's attorney's office, the charges were amended and the defendant received probation.

JANE DOE V. P......(2015) (Daley Center): Civil date rape lawsuit arising out of University of Illinois fraternity party dismissed after Sheppard deposes the complainant.

PEOPLE V. Client X (2015) (Lake County): Dissemination of child pornography charges dismissed and defendant receives probation on remaining charges

PEOPLE V. G......(2012) (Rolling Meadows): Jury acquits defendant of all charges — multiple counts of predatory criminal sexual assault — after Sheppard calls an expert to explain that defendant was susceptible to suggestion at the time of his confession and, therefore, his written confession was not reliable.

PEOPE V. M......(2009): criminal sexual assault (by force) charges reduced to misdemeanor offense for which defendant received probation after Sheppard Law Firm filed motion to dismiss based on misleading grand jury testimony

PEOPLE V. F.......(2009): Adam Sheppard submits one of the fist appellate briefs in Illinois challenging the foundational requirements for the admission of instant messages in an indecent solicitation of a minor case. Defendant granted on appellate bond based on the brief.