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Tough Legal Defense Against All Drug Charges

Although the penalties for state-level drug convictions are generally less severe than those in federal court, individuals arrested on suspicion of possessing, distributing or trafficking controlled substances should always take state charges seriously.

The criminal defense attorneys at Sheppard Law Firm, P.C., take every charge brought against the firm’s clients seriously. For attorneys Barry D. Sheppard and Adam J. Sheppard, getting charges dropped entirely is always the primary goal. As experienced litigators, however, they rise to the challenge when a client’s case has to go to a full trial, using more than 40 years of combined experience in criminal law to obtain results. The firm is proud to defend clients in Illinois — and throughout the country — against serious criminal charges.

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Skilled Advocacy In Illinois State Courtrooms

Although the firm’s attorneys pride themselves on their oral advocacy and aggressive representation in court, many state drug cases turn on the ability to effectively argue and present a client’s case in written work: briefs and motions.

This is also an area where Sheppard Law Firm, P.C., truly excels. The firm puts exceptional effort into producing motions to suppress evidence and dismiss charges to help clients reach a favorable outcome as swiftly as possible and avoid being dragged through the criminal justice system. As a member of the editorial board of the Chicago Bar Association (CBA) Record magazine, a contributor to the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin and author of published articles on Westlaw, Adam Sheppard uses finely honed writing skills to help clients charged with drug-related offenses.

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