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Defending Students Who Are Facing Significant Penalties

Title IX is a federal civil rights law that requires schools to investigate and address any accusation of sexual assault. The college or university’s investigation must occur independently of any criminal charge. Unfortunately, in their haste to comply with Title IX regulations, it is not uncommon for these institutions to miss or mishandle evidence.

At Sheppard Law Firm, P.C., we are dedicated to protecting college students accused of sexual assault or misconduct. We are devoted to ensuring that our clients receive the benefits of due process while we make every effort to shield them from the devastating impact of the potential outcomes they are facing.

A student who stands accused of these serious allegations must work quickly to protect himself or herself. Accused students might face severe consequences that could follow them through their lives. Our firm stands ready to defend clients in Chicago and communities throughout Illinois who have been accused of rape, date rape or other disciplinary matter. Let our firm fight to protect your college career and your future.

We understand that a student’s academic career is on the line due to these serious accusations. Since the college’s investigation is handled independently of any criminal case, the student might face suspension or expulsion even if they were never ultimately charged with a crime. Since each college and university develops their code of conduct independently, it can be challenging to gain a clear understanding of various policies — including consent. Our defense lawyers have the experience necessary to thoroughly investigate your charge and develop a strong, effective defense.

We have a strong history in a wide range of criminal defense cases.

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If you are facing an accusation of sexual misconduct and have questions centering on Title IX proceedings, it is crucial that you act quickly to protect your future. Contact Sheppard Law Firm, P.C., to discuss your defense needs with experienced and dedicated Chicago sex offense attorneys. Call 312-443-1233 for an initial consultation.

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